IMPORTANT: Please do these 5 steps first.

Email isn't the simple process it was a few years ago. 

These days emails you receive can be blocked, sent to your spam folder, or in the case of Gmail they can go into a separate tab.

FACT: If you haven't received your product email from us, firstly you can be assured your product login details have been sent.

We have a 100% send rate. Nothing falls into the cracks. We have a system in place that makes sure everything is sent.

That means any problem you have receiving it will be caused by your email host.

So before you send an email asking us where your product is, find it with this easy step-by-step process:

1. Is your email address correct? Are you sure? Use the step in (5) to check it.

2. Make sure you are not too early. Because our PRO and Custom Profiles are hand-done, yours may take up to 3 working days to finish. We would love to speed up that time, but most times it's not possible.

3. Go to your spam folder and search for our email. Just use the product you ordered to search for it. For example, if you bought the USA Powerball PRO, just look for "Powerball".  The reason you have to search your spam folder separately is that some email hosts prevent searches from being made in the Spam Folder.

4. Repeat the search in your main Inbox, just in case it might be there and you didn't recognise it.

5. If you don't find the email after the previous steps, then check that you are receiving emails from us here: How to test you're receiving emails from us.

If none of these steps recovers your email, please contact us with a new Support Ticket.

PRO Custom Profiles, Custom Profiles and Winner's Circle subscription

It may take up to 24-72 hours to complete your order since the process is done by hand. (Yes, I know this is unusual in the computer age, but good things take time!).