Single Custom Profiles are individual profiles done-for-you from the Silver Lotto System to save you time and brainworkThere is only one profile sheet for each game, and it has 3 columns. To use it, follow the Silver Lotto System "filling out your tickets" instructions. Custom Profiles are available from inside your Silver Lotto Membership Site (, or the link below. 

*You must have the Silver Lotto System in order to order a standard Custom Profile. 

A standard Custom Profile

PRO Custom Profiles are high-level number Profiles done-for-you. They comprise of 4 sheets of profiles, and each sheet has three columns. They use a different form of calculation from the standard Custom Profiles. The PRO Custom Profiles give you the same 98% win rate as the Silver Lotto System, but allow you to play every game when LottoPredict would otherwise give a NO to standard Profiles. Playing each game increases your win chances. Order from inside your Silver Lotto Membership Site (

*You must have the Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict subscription in order to order a PRO Custom Profile.

PRO Custom Profiles