There are 3 main parts to the System... the Silver Lotto System, LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles. They all work together to produce the highest possible win odds, and get the highest win rate for the least amount of money.

PRO consists of 4 Custom Profiles specially designed to improve your Silver Lotto System playing.

PRO allows you to play every game with the Silver Lotto System without having to wait for a green YES from LottoPredict. It is designed for players who want to win faster and more often.

Before the Silver Lotto PRO System, I was playing 1 week out of every 3 or 4 weeks - and getting an 80% win rates. But I wanted a win in every game, every week. So after much research, my Silver Lotto PRO was born, and as a result I hugely increased my win odds up to 98%.