The single Custom Profile is a done-for-you profile from the Silver Lotto System. It is exactly what you would fill out if you were to follow the Silver Lotto System instructions. 

There is only one profile sheet for each game. I customise it for you to save you time and brainwork in filling out the tickets from the Silver Lotto System instructions, and so you can be sure that the numbers have been done correctly. 

The PRO Custom Profiles comprises of 4 sheets of profiles. Their number patterns use a specialised form of calculation designed specifically to be used for LottoPredict, and so they may not seem to be following the System. 

The biggest advantage of PRO is that you can play every game even when LottoPredict advises NO, 50% or 25% for the single Profiles.

How To Choose:

  • Buy a single Custom Profile if you want to get started straight away, but don't want the extra cost of PRO.

  • Buy PRO if you want to play every game with the highest accuracy. PRO is for players who want to win faster and more often.

The possible 98% win rate stays the same whether you use single Custom Profiles or PRO.